Dark House, Volume Two.

More About the Book

Okay. So I’ve been writing this book for ages. The title, which I’ve finally settled on, is The Mansion Under the Stairs.

I’ve gotten the beginning pretty much done, and some of the middle bits, and one lengthy part that I don’t know where it fits (maybe not even in this book!) and I know the last lines of it. But I’m struggling to connect all the bits together. Hopefully some new writer friends I’ve made online can give me some pointers!

I’ll post some bits and bobs from it as soon as I can whip them into a shape that I feel comfortable letting all of you see!

Good grief! It’s already Memorial Day and I haven’t posted much about the book or anything!

There’s been all kinds of stuff going on; finally got a new (ish) car (yay!) and a new nephew and random craziness.

More soon. I promise!

Doctor Who - The Bells of Saint John

Well, FINALLY Doctor Who is back on our TV screens where it belongs. After months of rumors and casting news and tantalising trailers, we got to see a new episode tonight.

And what a cracker it was. It took off right from the beginning, with a sinister presence lurking the world’s WiFi and the third introduction to mysterious new “Impossible Girl” Clara Oswald. The story moves along at a brisk pace and all of the hallmarks of a great episode are readily apparent. There’s a lot of humor and action and a creepy new monster, the “Spoonheads,” and great use of a familiar London landmark.

During the tale, we get to delve into a little more of Clara’s story, which serves to deepen the intrigue surrounding the Woman Twice Dead, and the Doctor’s obsession with her. She has clearly jump-started his hearts and snapped him out of the funk of losing the Ponds, and he’ll do anything to make sure she’s protected. The viewers are treated to a great set-piece on a crashing airplane, some crackling dialogue between the Doctor and Clara, and a clever resolution that has to be seen to be believed.

Even the title of the episode is a clever one, especially once you see what it actually means!

It’s a fantastic start to the end of Series Seven, and I give it a 10 out of 10. Absolutely not to be missed.

Tex Radar Continues, and other stuff

Hello all. Still working away on my SF/Pulp story known as Tex Radar. It’s coming along nicely if still disorganized. but I am planning to submit it to several places (along with a couple more short stories) soon…so when I get finished and it’s off to the wild blue yonders I’ll be happy to let samples of it out for people to goggle their eyes at.

I love it. I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever written (which granted, isn’t much) but it’s fun and funny and epic and SCIENCE-FICTION-y and I hope everyone else likes it too.

As for the other stuff - Yes, I’m still working on The Diary of Anne Frankenstein and The Mansion Under the Stairs.

More on everything soon. Plus I’m going to start reviewing more things and generally trying to get my voice out there amongst the people..wish me luck!

Still working on stuff

Yep, I’m not idle; reading/writing/creating every night for at least 30 mins. and trying to get various projects off the ground. Not much to report yet but hopefully there will be soon.